We have updated our extensive and comprehensive comparison pages of political policies offered at this year's election

In an election year, the Government’s Budget marks the informal start of the election campaign.

This year, the start is an even one, with the latest pre-budget poll showing National starting even with the Labour/Greens alliance.

Much will happen between now and election day on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

One thing that many voters may miss is that the parties will release their Policies.

Some already have.

Making an informed voting decision should involve an understanding of what the parties stand for and what their policies actually are.

Getting your view filtered via others, whether it be media personalities or the negative views of rival politicians, is never a sound idea.

But for most voters, it is an unappetizing exercise looking up each party’s policy, and then finding the equivalent policy for the other parties.

It is a tough job, even for one issue. We know. We’ve done it.

And we have done it for over 100 different policy issues, comparing positions of all parties in Parliament on one page. We even have links to some key parties that are not in Parliament.

These comparison pages are here.

A good place to start is to look at what the parties claim is their Philosophy.

We know they will be widely used and shared and become an essential resource for tens of thousands of voters – we know this because we have been doing this type of policy comparison since the 2005 election.

While some 2017 policy positions have been announced, many have not yet, so these pages are a work in progress. They will be updated as soon as new policy is available to be referenced on the party’s website.

Our pages show up to five key points for each policy for each party. All the text is the an exact copy of the party’s words, and for the full set, just click on it.

We are also tracking Party Lists. Each person on this page has a link to their bio.

You are welcome to point out updates that should be made, errors or corrections required. Contact us here or email julia.wiener@interest.co.nz