The cheapest home at Bayleys' latest auctions went for $636,000. Yields on commercial properties get down to 3.49%

What three quarters of a million dollars looks like in Auckland. This house sold for $746,000.

The cheapest property sold at Bayleys latest Auckland auctions was an apartment in the CBD that went for $636,000.

It was the only property to sell for less than  $700,000.

The next cheapest homes to sell were a basic house at Northcote that was described as a renovator’s dream, which went for $746,000, and another at Massey in west Auckland that fetched $765,000.

It seems even homes that would normally have been considered suitable for first home buyers in Auckland are now selling for around the three quarters of a million dollars mark.

The most expensive sale of the week was a house at St Heliers that went for $3.265 million.

Bayleys also auctioned a string of commercial properties during the week, and investors were prepared to accept extremely low yields on some of them, with a couple of shops at St Johns providing their new owner with a net yield of 3.49%.

Yields on others were in the 5-6% range.

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