Temperature rises (or falls) depend on where you live; New Zealand affected much less than most

Since January 1979, the New York Times has been publishing temperature charts in its print editions, initially focused on its home city.

Since then it has expanded the record to other cities, and today it published them on-line and for 3,135 cities, 1,334 of them outside the US.

We thought it might be useful for New Zealand readers to get a look at a few cities that we are familiar with.

Unfortunately, their database only includes two New Zealand cities.

But it does include the main Australian cities.

Here is the chart for New York:

Barrow, Alaska is one of the world’s most northern cities:

And here it is for Antarctica:

You can find their tool here and make your own selections.

The grey range in each chart is the 30 year average through to 2010. The red data is the 2015 daily readings.