Progress being made by NZ First board and caucus as meeting enters day 2, MP Shane Jones says: References Bible proverb relating to a King's throne being established forever if he is fair to the poor

By Alex Tarrant

The Monarch will soon emerge, as progress made by New Zealand First’s board and caucus during their Monday meeting carries through into Tuesday, MP Shane Jones says.

“As Winston said, we’ve been making great progress, and I know people are – they tell me they’re getting impatient,” Jones said to media Tuesday morning before referencing a Bible quote – Proverbs 29:14.

There are slightly different versions of the line, one being: “If a king judges the poor with fairness, his throne will be established forever” and another: “The throne of the King that judges in truth will be established in justice.” You can read more iterations here.

“I probably learnt more about it than Hone Harawira did,” Jones said.

Asked how discussions on policies went during Monday’s day-long board and caucus meeting, Jones said: “It’s work in progress, but everyone should be confident. Soon the Monarch butterfly will emerge.”

Earlier, Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern told Radio NZ that Bill English’s comment on Monday that talks still had some way to go – including on government structure and Ministerial positions – was the same for Labour.

She said talks up till last Thursday evening had focussed on policy. She indicated that ongoing communication since then had touched upon the nature of government “rather than just simply around ideas of position.”

Meanwhile, Ardern said Labour and the Greens were “pretty much ready to go.”

“Of course, the final stage of those talks, though, would essentially make that deal public because of the process that the Green Party would need to go through is quite an open one on their side,” she said.

“Of course, the Greens are aware that we are still in negotiations and talks and so having that other agreement made public while we are still in that position is something that could potentially compromise our conversations.”