Productivity Commission seeks feedback on its 'plan-of-action' to investigate the best way to allocate land use in NZ

New Zealand’s urban planning system is in for a shake-up.

The Government has commissioned the Productivity Commission to do an inquiry to identify the best system for allocating land use.

The Commission has today released a 96-page issues paper, ‘Better Urban Planning’, for consultation, which outlines its intended approach for the inquiry.

It says, “The review should look beyond the current resource management and planning paradigm and legislative arrangements to consider fundamentally alternative ways of delivering improved urban planning, and subsequently, development.”

It will examine New Zealand’s current planning system, looking at how environmental and urban development outcomes have changed over the last 20 years, and explain the role and capacity of local councils, planners, central government, the judiciary and private actors under the regime.

The review will explore the option of getting a new system to complement or replace the one we currently have, whereby local governments set rules and zones to control land use.

It will also look at what other countries do to regulate land use.

The public have until March 9 to make submissions on the issues paper.

From there it’ll release a draft report for public consultation in July, before presenting its final report to the Government on November 30, 2016.