Phil Goff convenes taskforce to address 'severe difficulties' caused by Auckland housing shortage

The Auckland Mayoral Taskforce on Auckland Housing Supply is meeting for the first time today (Monday) to try and identify ways to increase the supply of housing in the region.

The Taskforce is made up of 16 representatives from the public and private sectors (see list below) who will attempt to identify barriers and constraints to increasing the supply of housing in the region to a level that meets its growth in population and suggest ways of overcoming them.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said Auckland’s population was growing by around 900 people a week and the region was facing severe difficulties as the supply of housing failed to keep pace with demand.

“The number of extra houses the city needs each year is estimated at around 13,000 and we have been building only around half that number,” he said.

“The accumulated shortfall in homes grows each year and this has resulted in the cost of buying a house becoming unaffordable for a growing number of Aucklanders, rent rises putting low income households under real pressure and growing homelessness.”

The Taskforce’s recommendations will be publicly released in May.

The Taskforce is comprised of representatives from Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, BNZ, Fletcher Construction, Institute of Architects, Master Builders, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Ministry for the Environment, NZ Housing Foundation, Ockham Residential, Sapere Research Group, Sense Partners, Stevenson Group, Todd Property, The Treasury and Willis Bond & Co.

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