Latest Roy Morgan poll says 63.5% say New Zealand is 'heading in the right direction', as National holds on to its dominant support

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During February support for National rose by 2% to 48% now well ahead of a potential Labour/ Greens alliance 39% (down 0.5%).

If a New Zealand Election was held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National would retain Government with the support of minor party allies.

Support for the National partners was virtually unchanged with the Maori Party unchanged at 2%, Act NZ was 1% (up 0.5%) and United Future was 0% (down 0.5%).

Of the three Parliamentary Opposition parties – Labour’s support was at 26% (down 1%), Greens 13% (up 0.5%) and New Zealand First 8% (down 1%). Of the parties outside Parliament the Internet Party was 0% (unchanged), Conservative Party of NZ was 0% (down 0.5%) and support for Independent/ Others was 2% (unchanged).

In addition the New Zealand Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating is unchanged at 140pts in February with 63.5% (up 0.5%) of NZ electors saying NZ is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 23.5% (up 0.5%) that say NZ is ‘heading in the wrong direction’.

Gary Morgan, Executive Chairman, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows growing support for the Government of new Prime Minister Bill English with National 48% (up 2%) now at their highest since English became Prime Minister in early December.

“National is well ahead of a potential Labour/Greens alliance 39% (down 0.5%) and in a position to retain Government with the support of minor party allies the Maori Party 2% (unchanged) and Act NZ 1% (up 0.5%) and without the support of the fourth largest party NZ First 8% (down 1%).

“The strong support for National comes as PM English welcomed his first foreign visitor last week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Both leaders face pressing issues in the area of Housing including – including Housing affordability and the Homeless/ Homelessness, however the problem is more acute in New Zealand than Australia.

Today’s special Roy Morgan analysis of New Zealand’s ‘Housing Crisis’ reveals 26% of respondents in NZ said either Housing affordability/ Increasing house prices (15%) or Housing shortage/ Homelessness (11%) were the biggest problems facing New Zealand. In New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland Housing issues were mentioned by an even higher 32% of respondents.

“These figures show that the most effective way English can secure a fourth successive term of Government for National is to convince New Zealand electors that it is National that has the answers to deal with these inter-related Housing issues rather than their opponents Labour, the Greens, or even New Zealand First.”

Electors were asked: “If a New Zealand Election were held today which party would receive your party vote?” This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by telephone – both landline and mobile telephone – with a NZ wide cross-section of 852 electors between January 30 – February 12, 2017. Of all electors surveyed 5.5% (down 1%) didn’t name a party.

The original report is here.