Latest readymix concrete data reveals how fast the development on Auckland's outskirts is proceeding

In the year to September, 1.2 million cubic metres of ready mixed concrete was poured for projects across the Auckland region.

This was 31.6% of the 3.8 mln cubic meters poured nationwide in the same year.

In Christchurch, the annual total was 787,200 m3, or 20.6% of the national total.

However, what makes the Auckland activity special is that it gives a clue into the development on the city’s fringes.

The outer regions include Whangaparoa, Wellsford, Pukekohe, and Waiuku.

Auckland readymix concrete Region Metro Outer %
  m3 m3 m3  
September, 2014 312,088 224,256 87,832 28.1%
December 296,923 214,354 82,569 27.8%
March, 2015 288,280 206,717 81,563 28.3%
June 306,832 215,688 91,144 29.7%
September 312,364 217,054 95,310 30.5%
  ————– ———— ———— ———
Annual to September 1,204,399 853,813 350,856 29.1%

Infrastructure and new housing development outside the metropolitan area is drawing concrete at an increasing rate. At 95,300 m3, September pour levels were +8% higher in 2015 than the same quarter a year ago.

The level of concrete being poured in these fringe Auckland regions is now about twice the level of all pourings in Wellington.

The Statistics NZ data released today was with a “100% response rate” from the industry survey.



(Correction: An earlier version of this story had the September 2014 splits in error.)