Labour Party leader Andrew Little pledges better housing, better health and better schools under a Labour-Greens government

The Labour and Green parties are holding a joint State of the Nation event on Sunday. Here’s a copy of Labour leader Andrew Little’s press release and a link to his speech.

Labour and Greens committed to changing the government 

The Labour and Green parties’ joint State of the Nation event shows voters there is a plan to build a better New Zealand, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little. 

“Everything we’ll do in government will be about building a better New Zealand: a country that is the envy of the world, where everyone has their shot at the Kiwi Dream. 

“Both Labour and the Greens believe that politics is about building a future for everyone. Like me, Metiria and James believe all our children deserve good housing, a world-class education, and the best start in life. We know that New Zealand’s future must be built on good, sustainable jobs that pay a fair wage. 

“We will run surpluses, just like last time. We’ll grow the economy, and pay down Bill English’s record debt. We’ve balanced the books before, and we’ll do it again. 

“National are out of ideas and out of touch. They’ve got nothing new to offer. “New Zealanders have a clear choice at this election. We can choose a tired Government with no new ideas, or we can choose a new, positive vision for a better New Zealand.”

Andrew Little shared stories of his battle with cancer and about his son that shape his vision, and closed his speech by saying:

“Here’s my message to New Zealanders this year – if you want better housing, better health, better schools; if you share our vision for New Zealand, do this: join our movement to change the government.”

Here’s Little’s full speech.