's Alex Tarrant was on The Nation's panel Saturday: Boomers vs Millennials, making government more accountable to future generations, Key & Cunliffe to leave Parliament and homosexual law reform

The intergenerational ‘Boomers vs Millennials’ debate was discussed vigorously on TV3’s The Nation Saturday, with a panel of Stephen Franks, Ella Henry, Jessica Palairet and Morgan Godfrey followed by Jonathan Boston on his policy ideas to make government more accountable to future generations.’s Alex Tarrant was alongside Jenna Raeburn and Simon Wilson on the programme’s panel to discuss their discuss their points. Also discussed was the Ardern vs Kaye coverage, John Key and David Cunliffe’s decisions to leave Parliament next week, and homosexual law reform.

Watch the Boomers vs Millennials debate here. Watch Jonathan Boston’s interview here. Watch the panel discussion here.