Green Party MPs Kennedy Graham and David Clendon to quit, reportedly in protest at co-leader Turei's decision not to resign; But also not satisfied with list places

The Green Party on Monday night announced two of its current members of Parliament, Kennedy Graham and David Clendon, had effectively quit by saying they would withdraw from the party’s list for the 23 September election.

Reports suggest the two made their moves in protest at co-leader Metiria Turei’s decision not to resign following her admisison that she didn’t declare a flatmate while on the domestic purposes benefit and that she had registered to vote in an electorate she didn’t live in when she was 23.

However, that excuse might also be seen as the two being opportunistic. It was said that the two MPs had also been dissatisfied with their list places for Election 2017 – Graham at 8 and Clendon at 16 – for some time.

While co-leader James Shaw thanked the two for their service, the party’s general manager had more choice words to say of the two.

“Neither of these candidates have been campaigning for us all year. David’s made one phone call, and Kennedy’s put in about three or four hours worth of calls,” Sarah Helm was reported saying.

See a statement from Shaw below:

“Kennedy Graham and David Clendon have this evening decided to withdraw their names from the Green Party’s 2017 party list.

“We are disappointed they’ve made this decision, though we respect their right to do so.

“The Green Party is fortunate to have high calibre and energetic candidates on the party list, who are campaigning hard for the party.

“With this decision, candidates including Hayley Holt, Teall Crossen, Teanau Tuiono, Leilani Tamu, Matt Lawrey and Elizabeth Kerekere all move up two places on the Green Party list.

“We are looking forward to bringing these talented new candidates into Parliament at the election and will continue campaigning hard on our top issues of clean water, ending poverty, and climate action.

“I want to thank both David and Kennedy for their service to the Green Party. We wish David and Kennedy all the best,” said Mr Shaw.