Government completes its 100 Day Plan; Here is what it has done

The Government has completed its 100 Day Plan.

Here is an update on what it has done – in its words:

1. Legislation to give effect to the Families Package – passed on 14 December

2. Extension of Paid Parental Leave – legislation passed 29 November

3. Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill setting minimum standards for rentals – legislation passed 29 November

4. Ban on overseas speculators buying existing houses – legislation introduced December 14

5. Fees free for post-secondary school education or training for first year from 2018 – announced 5 December

6. Issue directive to Housing New Zealand stopping the sell-off of state houses – issued on December 20

7. Student allowances and living cost loans to increase by $50 from 1 January 2018 – announced 21 November

8. Begin work to establish the Affordable Housing Authority and KiwiBuild programme – announced December 19

9. Tax Working Group – Terms of Reference announced and Chairman appointed 23 November

10. Restart contributions to the Super Fund – First payment made on December 15

11. Pike River Recovery Agency – agency opened on January 31

12. Legislation to provide greater fairness in workplace – Employment Relations Act amendment announced January 25

13. Minimum wage to rise to $16.50 to take effect from April 2018 – announced on December 22

14. Introduce legislation to set a child poverty reduction target and to change the Public Finance Act so the Budget reports progress on reducing child poverty – Child Poverty Reduction Bill introduced 31 January. Government targets announced 31 January.

15. Legislation to make medicinal cannabis available for people with terminal illnesses or in chronic pain – Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill passed first reading 30 December

16. Set up an inquiry into the abuse of children in state care – announced 1 February

17. Set up a Ministerial Inquiry in order to fix our mental health crisis – TOR and members announced January 23

18. Set zero carbon emissions goal and begin setting up independent Climate Commission – Interim Climate Change Committee announced 18 December.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says: “The 100 day plan was just the beginning. There’s a lot left to do to restore the public services that keep us connected and strong, and to build a sustainable, growing economy, that works for everyone.”