Authorities campaign to prevent the surge in Auckland's housing construction sparking another leaky home type crisis

Auckland Council is upping the ante, cracking down on shoddy builders inundated with work, as housing construction in Auckland continues to boom.

It has released videos showing recent examples of poor building practises it claims are rife in Auckland.

The Council says it’s also shutting down about two sites a week because of dangerous excavation work, while it’s failing up to a third of all building inspections.

Its general manager of Building Control Ian McCormick says, “As the building boom gathers pace, tradespeople with greatly varying levels of skill have flooded into the industry and some supervisors are taking on more jobs than they can effectively handle.

“The problem is increasing as the city intensifies and more challenging in-fill housing sites suddenly become worth building on.”

Concern about shoddy building work has resulted in the council appointing a full-time investigator to look into examples of substandard work and, where necessary, lay complaints with professional licensing bodies.

The council’s building inspection team is working closely with industry groups such as Registered Master Builders and Certified Builders.

“We are working together at the moment and looking at designing some type of simple quality assurance tools that builders can use to make it easier for them to manage different sub-trades working on a site,” says McCormick.

“The quality tools would involve someone signing off the key structural elements and milestones of the build, providing them with a simple system they can use to ensure the work has been checked off as compliant with the approved plans before the inspector arrives. This will mean less re-work, and less need for regulatory intervention.

“We are also working with central government on how we can provide real incentives for those practitioners with robust quality systems in place.

“We believe maintaining quality needs to be an industry-wide focus.”

For me on the issue see this Double Shot interview did with McCormick in August.