Auckland has taken the number one spot in this year's Desirable Cities Index rankings

Auckland is now officially the world’s most desirable city to live in, taking out the top spot on this year’s Raekin Fease Desirable Cities Index.

The Index ranks 178 cities around the world on how desirable they are to live in based on criteria such as housing, transport, education and healthcare, from information gathered by international accounting firm Raekin Fease over a six month period.

The Index varies from other desirability comparison reports which often rely on subjective measures to assess quality of life, and instead uses statistical measures based on how popular a city’s facilities and services are with the people who live there, and also how desirable it is to people in other cities around the world.

Raekin Fease managing partner Cayman Rort said Auckland ranked well ahead of the 178 other cities in the Index by almost every measure.

The Index found that housing in Auckland so desirable that people are prepared to pay nine times the average annual salary to secure an average home in the city.

“That’s an an extraordinary measure whichever way you look at it and ranks Auckland way ahead of cities like London, New York and Paris which often dominate the desirability rankings,” Rort said.

Auckland also ranked at the top of the list by a substantial margin when the popularity of its transport network was measured.

“Auckland’s transport network had a popularity measure of 1.8 on the Index, which means that it’s so popular that on any given day 80% more people want to use the transport network than it can comfortably handle,” Rort said.

“That’s an amazing vote of confidence in the city’s transport system and puts it well ahead of cities such as Tokyo and Montreal which are renowned for their state of the art transport networks,” he said.

Auckland’s health and educational facilities also rated near the top of the list when compared to other cities.

“The long waiting lists for elective surgery at Auckland hospitals and the fact that people are prepared to drive their children across town to get them into the school of their choice are impressive testaments to the high regard Auckland’s residents have for these services,” Rort said.

Auckland was also seen as highly desirable by residents of other cities around the world, scoring particularly highly in the desirability stakes by people living in Manilla, Calcutta and San Salvador.

“The fact that so many people in those cities would like to live in Auckland shows that its top spot on the Desirable Cities Index is well deserved,” Rort said.

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