ANZ NZ customers with Visa credit and debit cards to be offered Apple Pay, bank 'excited'

Apple Pay’s long awaited New Zealand launch appears near, with Apple saying the payment service will soon be available through ANZ-issued Visa credit and debit cards.

“[ANZ] customers are going to love the convenience of Apple Pay, with its easy, secure and private way to make purchases. We’ve seen how popular Apple Pay has been in Australia and we’re excited to soon offer our ANZ New Zealand customers the same great experience,” an ANZ NZ spokesman told

On its website Apple says Apple Pay will work with ANZ-issued Visa credit and debit cards.

“Soon you will be able to add your favourite store credit cards and rewards cards to [your] wallet – and use them to make purchases and redeem rewards with Apple Pay. Apple Pay will be accepted in supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques and so many places you already enjoy,” Apple says.

Apple Pay’s imminent move into the New Zealand market in partnership with ANZ comes with ANZ the only major bank in Australia offering the contactless payments service to date.

 The Australian Financial Review recently reported that about 250,000 ANZ Australia customers were using Apple Pay, exceeding the bank’s expectations four months after the service was launched. ANZ Australia also recently extended Apple Pay to its Mastercard customers.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, launched in 2014, saw near field communications (NFC) technology included in the company’s smartphones for the first time enabling contactless payments to be made at the point of sale where contactless payments terminals are available. Ever since the questions have been when Apple would bring Apple Pay to New Zealand, and who the technology giant might partner with.

A way Apple makes money through Apple Pay is by taking a slice of bank’s interchange fees, or the charges banks levy on merchants’ sales. Australia’s banks, aside from ANZ, have been unwilling to share any of this with Apple. Aside from ANZ only American Express offers Apple Pay in Australia. After a lengthy stand-off, four other Australian banks, including the parents of New Zealand’s ASB, BNZ and Westpac have asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for permission to act collectively to negotiate with Apple over access for their own digital wallet products in its phones, tablets and watches.

Here in New Zealand Semble, which offered contactless payments to ASB and BNZ customers using android smartphones, pulled the plug in July. However, both ASB and ANZ offer their own contactless payments services to android smartphone users. As of July ANZ said its goMoney wallet had 32,000 users.

The news of Apple Pay’s imminent New Zealand launch came on the same day the technology giant made a series of announcements, including unveiling its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.